Who is John?

Who Is John Jenkins?
The arc of John Jenkins’ life has taken him from the toughest neighborhoods in New Jersey to becoming an historically elected leader in Maine. As a middle-class wage earner and teacher, John Jenkins is no stranger to the daily struggles of the average Mainer. From experiencing homlessness, food insecurity, witnessing family and friends succumb to the ravages of drug abuse, John knows the sufferings of and has solutions for the individuals, families, and communities of Maine.

Doing Within-When Doing Without
As a Bates College student, John struggled against the odds by doing extra studies to regain his student status after flunking out of college and went on to be a Bates College Baccalaureate speaker. He worked his way through Bates by opening a small business (which still exists today), saved his earnings and invested in many Lewiston properties. An economic downturn revealed diminishing income and John sold his properties. Inspired by his community commitment, Lewiston citizens overwhelming re-elected John as Mayor, and quoting community sentiment: “this young man came to town without a penny in his pocket. Worked very hard, saved, and committed his investment in our community. It is great to have a leader who has walked in our shoes and believes in us.” Throughout his public service, John gained council support to reduce property tax burdens with planned managed growth. John will not quit and is a proven fighter for the people and for what is right in making our community great.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

For more than forty (40) years, John has successfully inspired tomorrow’s leaders to achieve and live their dreams through all Maine has to offer.

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