Be A County/Community Captain



The State of Maine requires Independent candidates to submit a minimum of 3,500 valid certified signatures of registered Maine voters. It is typical that a portion of these signatures will not be counted due to: wrong street address, change of name, not being a registered voter. Because of this anticipated drop in the final count, we plan to collect and have certified 8,000 signatures of registered Maine voters. A public mandate will be established as we collect 500 certified signatures from each of Maine’s 16 counties.

Many Hands Make Light Work:

“10-to-10-to-10…”: In each of Maine’s 16 counties, we will enroll up to 10 county/community captains who will enroll a team of 10 volunteers, who will each enroll 10 volunteers and so on.

Maine is a very large local community in which everyone knows someone in common. As a county/community captain, your 500 county signatures can be achieved by:

  • your becoming a registered county/community captain by completing and submitting the form on this website. We will establish campaign teams in each of Maine’s 16 counties. We encourage our county/community teams to use all effective modes of getting the word out in their area, including social media.
  • hosting local signature gatherings to spread our message while enrolling a team of ten volunteers who are encouraged to enroll ten of their friends, and so on.
  • collecting signatures at local places where people gather (with the permission of management): seasonal fairs, popular restaurants, community centers, group housing units, shopping centers, athletic events, etc.
  • reminding each registered voter that their signing is not a vote for John Jenkins, it simply gives him a chance to be on the ballot.

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