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John Jenkins is often asked to provide tailored inspirational messages and training programs that promote civic engagement, inspired entrepreneurship, and personal responsibility for all ages & abilities. Through his many years of successes and challenges, Mr. Jenkins speaks from an experienced clear and concise truth that informs, inspires, and engages all people and organizations regardless of age or ability. For many years, John Jenkins has been helping to lead the leaders of the State of Maine. Please let us know your thoughts on the included samples of John Jenkins’ message.

John Jenkins – In His Own Words:

Proven Maine Leadership for Today & Tomorrow

Costing Government Without Accosting Your Wallet

Interview (6/6/18): John Jenkins Independent Write-in Candidate for Governor

It is an honor to support those who understand what unites US.

2017-WCSH 6 Interview-Dr. King Day Celebration (1/16/2017)

Principled Leadership: Patience & Responsibility

Patience & Responsibility by John Jenkins from VIA-VISION Video on Vimeo.

Principled Leadership: Responsibility of Stewardship

III Responsibility of Stewardship by John Jenkins from VIA-VISION Video on Vimeo.

Personal & Community Wellness

Jenkins Technique™/Tai-Chi Therapy Experience™ – Testimonials

Professional & Business Development

All Growth Is LOCAL-2014 Business Leadership Series

On The Way To Oz: 2013 Think LOCAL 4th Year Celebration & Annual Meeting