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Unfortunately, running for public office requires donations from many hard working neighbors.  Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and needed.

The Auburn Awakening:

John Jenkins is the only person in Maine history to win a citizen-initiated write-in campaign for Mayor.  Very little was spent as the people awakened and organized to vote for the leader of their choice as Mayor (John Jenkins).  This same process can be done for the State of Maine.

As a working-class guy, John Jenkins is a fiscal conservative.  He is always  committed to not paying any more than necessary.  He has and will continue to bring this approach to state government.  This is why he has chosen to make full use of modern technology to reduce the predicted expenditures for a typical gubernatorial campaign (3.5 million dollars).  The average Mainer (who also effectively manages their limited funds), will help us run an effective far reaching campaign to reach and inspire all citizens.

Every contribution counts and we are counting on YOU! Thank You!

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